Kruger National Park, South Africa (2021)


King George Island and Ardley Island, Antarctica (2018)

Buenos Aires, Argentina (2018)

Beijing, China and surrounding area (2017)

Tokyo, Japan and surrounding area (2017)

Easter Island and Santiago, Chile (2016)

 Pamplona and Barcelona, Spain (2015)

Havana, Cuba (2014)

Cusco, Peru and surrounding area (2012)

Paris, France (2011)

Moscow, Russia (2011)

 Cairo and Giza, Egypt (2009) 

Rome, Italy and Vatican City (2009)

Alarcón, Spain (2007)

Freiburg, Germany and surrounding area (2007)

Bonneville Salt Flats, United States of America (2006)

Melbourne and Phillip Island, Australia (2005)